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Setting Up XP and XP Pro for the Internet

Click start and select all programs

Click on Accesories, then communication and select New Connection Wizard.

This opens the wizard. Say next.

The dot should be in the first selection saying you want to connect to the Internet. Click next

Select the second choice saying you want to set up manually and click next.

The first one should be dotted saying you use a modem. Click next.

Type in Aztec for your ISP name and click next.

Type in phone number 416 848 4300 (519 customers type 905 702 0921) where asked and click next. If you have call waiting on your phone line type in *70, before typing in the telephone number.

Type in your usename you chose with Aztec remembering we are case sensitive. Type in your password where asked and confirm your password where asked. Click next.

Put a check mark in the box saying create a short cut and say finished.

Setting up your mail program:

Click on start and select all programs. Find outlook express and double click opening the program.

Click on Tools, then account.

Select the mail tab and click on Add.

Select mail

Type in the name you wish to appear in the from field when you send email and click next.

Type in your email address with us (your username@aztec-net.com) and click next.

Incoming and Outgoing server addresses are mail.aztec-net.com. Click next.

You will see your account name, type in your password. Click next.

Click Finished.
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