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Setting up Windows 95/98/ME for the Internet

To set up your internet connection on Windows 95, 98 or ME, double click on My Computer, Control Panel then Internet or Internet Options.

Click on the General Tab under Homepage type: www.aztec-net.com and click Apply.

Click on the Connection tab above, then click on the Setup button. Select the third option that says you want to set up your connection Manually. Click Next.

Select "I connect through a phone line and modem" and click Next. Remove the area code and leave that box blank. In the telephone field, type: 416 848 4300 (519 customers type 905 702 0921). *** If your telephone line has call waiting on it type "*70," in front of the telephone number in the telephone number field ***. Remove the check mark from "Dial using area code & country code". Click Next.

Type your username and password that you chose with us in their respective fields on this screen. Please keep in mind that we are case sensitive and there can be no spaces. Click Next.

Delete the contents of the Connection Name box and enter "Aztec Internet". Click Next.

Select Yes to setting up your email account. Click Next.

If your screen asks "would you like to create a new email account" select Yes. Click Next.

In the Display Name box, type in the name you would like to appear in the From field of your outgoing mail. (Usually your name). Click Next.

Enter your email address. This is your username@aztec-net.com. Click Next.

Your mail server is a POP3. Incoming mail server address is in lower case: mail.aztec-net.com. Outgoing mail server is also mail.aztec-net.com. Click Next.

Account name should be your username. Type in your password again in the appropriate field. Click Next, then Finished. You're done!

If you experience any difficulties please contact Aztec Technical Support at 905-873-2141.

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