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Setting Up Windows 2000 for the Internet

Click on My Computer

Click on Network and dial up connections

Select Make New Connection

This will open the wizard. Click next

Place a dot in Dial up to the Internet and click next

The dot should be in the 3rd selection saying you want to set up your internet connection manually. Click next.

Connect using your phone should be selected. Click next

Enter 416 848 4300 (519 customers type 905 702 0921) in the telephone number field. If you have call waiting on your line please type *70, including the comma, before typing in the telephone number. Click next

Type in your username and password you selected with us. Remember, this is case sensitive. Click next

Please type in Aztec where it says ISP name. Click next

Where it says Do you want to set up a mail account click yes and then next.

Create a new account should be selected. Click next

Type in your name or the name you wish to appear in the From field of your outgoing mail. Click next

Type in your email address ( your username@aztec-net.com) click next.

Type in the incoming and outgoing mail server names in small letters no spaces: mail.aztec-net.com for both and click next.

You will now see your username, type in your password and click next.

Select Finish and connect to the internet.
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